2441390525_b93deb9171CONDUIT FOR ACTION  was formed on the principle that the business of America and its people is business. We believe that commerce and trade benefit every single person in this country.

Standing on these principles, CFA (a sister organization to Conduit for Commerce, Inc.) was organized as a vehicle through which small business may:

      • Support the passage of “pro small business” legislation; and
      • Reduce regulation at the state and local levels in Arkansas.

It is our intention to promote small business friendly legislation at state and local levels by identification, support, creation, or elimination of those bills and ordinances which restrict or burden the free enterprise system which made this country great.

Small business, rather than large corporations, is the backbone of the country and more particularly of the local communities which spawned them. It can be argued that every household is a small business in and of itself.

Ill advised and unmanned rules and punitive costs imposed on small business have caused the scarce and valuable resources of any small business (time and money), to be dedicated to things which diminish the business and thus retard the origination of new Arkansas jobs.


  • Stop government from feeding off small business, and
  • Allow small business to thrive in Arkansas by–
    • Reducing regulation, and 
    • Passing local and state legislation which supports a thriving small business environment

 —the essence of liberty.

Join us in our support and promotion of the passage of small business friendly legislation (along with the reduction in regulation) which eliminates obstacles to small business growth and promotes entrepreneurship in Arkansas.