Obama VS. Real Business

Taken at face value, the recent comments by President Obama that business people do not create successful businesses by themselves are correct. But only up to a point.

The ongoing actions of Mr. Obama tell us what his words really mean: that he has hostility toward free enterprise, individualism, and the basic DNA of what it means to be an American. To those who sweat, sacrifice, toil, and go without sleep, vacations, and luxuries in order to build their dreams, Mr. Obama is, in effect, saying: “Don’t you take the credit–we in the “collective” make you successful.”

Of course, I have never met a small business owner that did not, almost as the first reaction, extol the people that helped, the people that work in the company, and the inspiring mentors, parents, teachers, and others that made success possible. Almost to a person, these folks take little credit, but give much to others.

Secondly, who was it who developed the techniques to build those roads, bridges, and respected education systems? It was individuals, hard workers, visionaries. Does anyone think that had it not been for big government people like the President that there would be no roads, no bridges, no teachers? Does he think we are a bunch of animals wandering up to a river who have to just simply stop and live there because there is no bridge? Incidentally, roads were not always a public works venture and they were not invented in Washington. And when it comes to the taxes which support those roads and other public works, it’s the business person underwriting a lot of the bill.

And the thanks we get? A President who demeans us, high taxation, and an army of government bureaucrats who over-regulate everything we do.

So Mr. Obama, spare me the self righteous class warfare rhetoric. I and others benefited from our work and continue working to benefit a lot more who do not pay or do their fair share and we’re not in the streets whining about it.

Careful with our country, sir, we will be taking it back shortly!

Joe M
July 17, 2012