Passing a new Arkansas tax and saying “Its not a new tax.”

SB140 is tax legislation directed at internet sales by out-of-state sellers. It would impose an Arkansas sales and use tax on the items you purchase on the internet from out-of-state sellers (such as Amazon) and require the seller to collect the tax. Supporters say it is not a new tax. WHAT?

If it is not a new tax -Why are they passing a new law?

If it is not a new tax -Why is it going to cost you more money?

If it is not a new tax – Why are they creating a new category of tax called a “sales and use tax” when Arkansas already has a “sales tax” AND a “use tax”?

If it is not a new tax – Why is it specifically being applied to your purchases from a seller “that does not have a physical presence in this state”?

If it is not a new tax – Why don’t they just enforce what we have?


The Arkansas Senate passed SB140 and sent it to the Arkansas House of Representatives for approval.

Is your state Representative supporting the new tax?

The bill next goes the House Revenue and Tax Committee. Here are the members of the committee. (click on name for contact information).

Chair: Representative Joe Jett

Vice-Chair: Representative Joe Farrer

Representative Eddie L. Armstrong

Representative Scott Baltz

Representative Ken Bragg

Representative Charlie Collins

Representative Jim Dotson

Representative Dan M. Douglas

Representative Les Eaves

Representative Kenneth B. Ferguson

Representative Vivian Flowers

Representative Michael John Gray

Representative Kim Hendren

Representative Monte Hodges

Representative Bob Johnson

Representative Greg Leding

Representative Reginald Murdock

Representative Warwick Sabin

Representative Les Warren

Representative Danny Watson