POLL: Arkansans OPPOSE Internet Sales Tax

According to a poll of Likely Arkansas Voters, a majority of Arkansans seem to be against an internet sales tax.

When asked “The Internet should remain as free from government regulation and taxation as possible.”

  • 74% total agree
  • 88% of Republicans agree
  • 78% of Independents agree
  • 59% of Democrats agree
  • 83% of Conservatives agree

When asked “Do you favor or oppose federal legislation that changes how states collect sales tax from Internet purchases?”

  • 74% total oppose
  • 78% of Republicans oppose
  • 79% of Independents oppose
  • 66% of Democrats opposed
  • 81% of Conservatives oppose

When asked “Would you favor or oppose new federal legislation that changes [the] system by allowing states to make online retailers collect and process sales taxes on internet purchases based on where the customer is located?”

  • 59% total oppose
  • 67% of Republicans opposed
  • 67% of Independents opposed
  • 43% of Democrats opposed
  • 67% of Conservatives Opposed

The poll by Mercury, and commissioned by the National Taxpayers Union and R Street, a free markets think tank group, can be read in full HERE. The poll was a statewide survey taken on June 1-2, 2014 among 400 likely Arkansas voters and has a margin of error of 4.9%.

Caveat: Although this poll makes references to “federal legislation” on internet sales tax laws, it is arguably comparable to similar measures on internet sales tax laws at the state level. Because it is currently unconstitutional for states to pass internet sales tax legislation like SB140, these are the only poll numbers known on the issue.