Conduit Quiz: Lobbyists in Arkansas

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “lobbyist” and have a general idea of what that term means. To many it means someone who advocates for a special interest such as a corporation, school, or other government entity. There are some organizations such as the Municipal League and the Association of Arkansas Counties whose mission is to lobby and work for the best interest of the governments of cities and counties, even when those conflict with the best interest of taxpayers.
While the term lobbyist is almost exclusively used in a negative connotation, lobbyists still seem to run things in Arkansas. Many Arkansas lobbyists have affiliated Political Action Committees or others lined up who will donate campaign money to insure votes in favor of the lobbyists.
But how is a lobbyist defined? When does someone have to register as a lobbyist? What must they disclose? What are they prohibited from doing?
This quiz highlights lobbyists in Arkansas and the requirements surrounding registered lobbyists.