Despite past allegations of bribery and intimidation, Arkansas committee says “no” to disclosure bill

Over the last few years, several Arkansas legislators have come forward to make allegations about bribery and intimidation concerning Medicaid legislation in Arkansas. Medicaid in Arkansas means billions of dollars.  Changes in Arkansas’ Medicaid program and the awarding of contracts to providers can bring enormous profits to Medicaid service providers.

Yet, the Arkansas House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs voted down Senator Bryan King’s SB175 to require Medicaid providers and government officials to disclose their business relationships.

We do not have the official roll call vote in committee, but according to one observer only five of the twenty committee members were heard to vote FOR SB175.  The five who voted “FOR” disclosure were: Representatives Charlotte Douglas, Douglas House, Jack Ladyman, Josh Miller and Brandt Smith. Therefore the following members either voted “NO” or did not vote: Bob Ballinger, Andy Davis, Jim Dotson, Trevor Drown, Jon S. Eubanks, Kenneth B. Ferguson, Justin Gonzales, Michelle Gray, Kim Hammer, Kim Hendren, Warwick Sabin, James Sturch, Dwight Tosh, Jeff Wardlaw, Richard Womack 

Links to the contact information for the committee members appear at the end of this article.

Listen and read legislators discuss allegations of bribery and intimidation in Medicaid legislation.  Then decide if Arkansas needs SB175 to require Medicaid providers and government officials to disclose their business relationships.

1. STATE SENATOR ALAN CLARK was on the Paul Harrell Program in 2016 and referred to bribery, blackmail, and intimidation on Medicaid Expansion legislation. Listen to these two clips. The full interview may be heard at 3-21-16 Hr 1.

Clip 1


Clip 2


2. FORMER STATE REP. NATE BELL went to the floor of the House of Representatives on 2/16/2013 to complain about intimidation against legislators who opposed Medicaid Expansion.


3. STATE REP. RICHARD WOMACK talked to the Arkansas Project and had this to say:“A lobbyist asked me if I would consider changing my vote [on the Medicaid Expansion legislation] for $20,000-$30,000 in my campaign account, as soon as they could put it in there legally, and two elections unopposed. (

4.  FORMER STATE REP. BRUCE WESTERMAN (Now U.S. Congressman) gave a speech on the floor of the Arkansas House of Representatives opposing the Medicaid Expansion bill and closed by asking his colleagues who planned to vote for the private option despite it being against their convictions – “Is this vote worth thirty pieces of silver?” Watch the video of his speech which was posted on YouTube by the Arkansas Project:


So… what do you think about the House committee saying “NO” to disclosure for Medicaid providers and government officials?

Here is the membership of the House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs. Click on name for link to contact information.

Chair Rep. Bob Ballinger
Vice Chair Rep. Jack Ladyman
Rep. Andy Davis
Rep. Jim Dotson
Rep. Charlotte V. Douglas
Rep. Trevor Drown
Rep. Jon S. Eubanks
Rep. Kenneth B. Ferguson
Rep. Justin Gonzales
Rep. Michelle Gray
Rep. Kim Hammer
Rep. Kim Hendren
Rep. Douglas House
Rep. Josh Miller
Rep. Warwick Sabin
Rep. Brandt Smith
Rep. James Sturch
Rep. Dwight Tosh
Rep. Jeff Wardlaw
Rep. Richard Womack