PC Police: “Don’t Call it Obamacare”

british_bobby PCThe state PC Police don’t want you to call the Governor’s “Arkansas Works” as “Obamacare.” That is just not PC (Politically Correct).

Although you can’t call it Obamacare, the Governor admitted it is Obamacare. On February 19, 2016 he addressed the Alliance for Health Reform where he stated Obamacare is made up of four parts: 1. Individual mandate; 2. Employer mandate; 3. The exchange; and 4. Medicaid Expansion. His plan is “Medicaid Expansion” and is just as much Obamacare as any of the other three parts.


Remember some simple PC rules.

  • Say “Arkansas Works” not “Obamacare

  • Say “terrorist” not “Islamic terrorist

  • Say “undocumented immigrant” not “illegal alien

Thank you for your cooperation.


PC Police