Poll: Arkansans say legislators should disclose their Medicaid relationships

The State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee in the Arkansas House of Representatives rejected SB175 to require legislators and Medicaid providers to disclose their relationships.

A poll was conducted last week in the districts of the committee members who voted “NO” on SB175. The poll asked three questions.

Concerning disclosure, the poll asked: Should legislators and other officials have to disclose their business relationships with Medicaid providers?  92% said “YES” the relationships should be disclosed.  Only 8% said disclosure is not needed.

The poll asked two additional questions.

  1. What is your general view of Arkansas politicians? Only 16% said they consider the politicians to be trustworthy.
  2. Should Arkansas’ ethics law be strengthened? 77% said “YES” and 23% said “NO”

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The poll commissioned by Conduit Media Group and was conducted by a professional polling service late last week.