What About My State Representative’s Votes?

Conduit For Action monitored Arkansas legislation this year. We focused on legislation affecting your economic freedom.

Recently we posted the 2019 voting record of your state Senator.  Here we are focusing on votes cast by your state Representative.

We apply what we call the “Economic Freedom Filter,” which means we analyze legislation that does the following:

  • Increases or Decreases the Size and Scope of Government
  • Increases or Decreases Dependency on Government
  • Spends Money We Do Not Have
  • Increases or Decreases Transparency in Government

Conduit For Action supports legislation that decreases the size and scope of government, decreases dependency on government, saves money, or increases transparency in government. CFA opposes legislation that increases the size and scope of government, increases dependency on government, spends money the state does not have, or decreases transparency in government.

How did your state Representative vote?   A chart with all one hundred Representatives would be hard to read. We divided the list into four charts. Check out their votes using the following links.

Allen – Deffenbaugh

Della Rosa – Holcomb

Hollowell – Perry

Petty – Wooten

Are you satisfied with how your state Representative voted?