NEW: Follow the Money Report Issued for Arkansas Republican Primaries

Conduit for Commerce released a Follow the Money report today detailing the fundraising during the 2018 Arkansas Republican primaries.

From their executive summary:

“This report focuses on the Arkansas 2018 State Legislative Republican primary. It uses financial data to identify the “Players” in Arkansas politics and the candidates they elect. If you have ever wondered why an elected official votes a certain way, Follow the Money!”

The report provides in depth analysis of fundraising for the following state legislative primaries:

Breanne Davis vs. Bob Bailey – State Senate District 16

Representative James Sturch vs. Senator Linda Collins-Smith – State Senate District 19

Cole Peck vs. Representative Dan Sullivan – House District 53

Representative Bob Ballinger vs. Senator Bryan King – Senate District 5

Representative Mat Pitsch vs. Frank Glidewell – Senate District 8

The report also dives into the giving from the healthcare industry, highlighting their impact on these races.

From the takeaways section, Conduit for Commerce says:

“If you want to know which way the political winds are blowing, it helps to know which way the campaign cash is flowing. By tracking the funding of selected Republican primaries in 2018, Conduit for Commerce presents this comprehensive report to educate on who has the greatest influence on government policies in the state of Arkansas.”

Conduit for Commerce educates on the benefits of economic freedom, individual liberty, and limited government in Arkansas.

Click the link below to download the full report

Download (PDF, 1.28MB)