Gov. Asa Hutchinson on pace for $1 billion spending increase in two terms

We now have six fiscal years of evidence of Governor Asa Hutchinson’s spending priorities. Based on the average of these six years, if we extrapolate out similar increases, which Hutchinson promised in his 2018 primary election, we are on pace for over $1 billion in Arkansas state government spending increases in the 8 years of Gov. Asa Hutchinson. This does not include spending increases from federal tax dollars.

Fiscal Year

Budget Increase


$128 million[1]


$143 million[2]


$163 million[3]


$173 million[4]


$124 million[5]


$128 million[6]

Average Yearly Increase

$143 million


If we add in the average yearly increase for the last two fiscal years, we get a total increase in state government spending of $1.15 billion for 8 years.

Asa’s legacy as a Republican governor with a Republican majority in the House and Senate is on track to be growing government by over $1 billion.