Knowledge is Power: Asa’s Spending Spree

During the current Republican Primary for Governor between Jan Morgan and Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Asa has been promoting the $100 million income tax cuts in his first term in office. What he might not tell you is during his first term in office spending has increased over $600 million.

If you cut taxes by $100 million but increased spending by $600 million, did government get bigger or smaller? The answer is BIGGER.

This quiz highlights the spending increases in each Fiscal Year since Asa has been governor.



FY2016 – (2.52% increase) – SOURCE:

FY2017 – (2.75% increase) – SOURCE:

FY2018 – (3.1% increase) – SOURCE:

FY2019 – (3.2% increase) – SOURCE:
Proposed General Revenue Scheduled – Presented 1/9/2018 to Joint Budget Committee