Conduit Scorecard Exposes Big Government Voting Records

Conduit for Commerce (CFC) released their 91st General Assembly scorecard this week. The scorecard shows how legislators voted on economic freedom issues that promote limited government. The scorecard did not consider legislator’s rhetoric or tweets. At the end of the day, ACTIONS and VOTES speak louder than words and empty promises.

The ACTIONS and VOTES  show which legislators voted AGAINST Big Government:

Top of Senate Rankings - Against Big Government

1Bryan KingR196
2Linda Collins-SmithR189
3Gary StubblefieldR153
4Scott FlippoR148
5Terry RiceR118
6Alan ClarkR101

Top of House Rankings - Against Big Government

1Dan SullivanR265
2Josh MillerR257
3John PaytonR238
4David MeeksR188
5Austin McCollumR187
6Clint PenzoR172
7Brandt SmithR171
8 (tie)Richard WomackR170
8 (tie)Stephen MeeksR170
9Mickey GatesR164
10Grant HodgesR162

The ACTIONS and VOTES show which legislators voted FOR Big Government:

Bottom of Senate Rankings - For Big Government

28Eddie Joe WilliamsR-82
29Stephanie FlowersD-98
30Keith IngramD-101
31Lance EadsR-103
32Jeremy HutchinsonR-105
33Eddie CheathamD-106
34Will BondD-108
35Uvalde LindseyD-118

Bottom of House Rankings - For Big Government

80Bruce ColemanR-120
81Jon EubanksR-121
82 (tie)Les WarrenR-125
82 (tie)Steve MagieD-125
83David WhitakerD-129
84Dan DouglasR-134
85Mark McElroyD-140
86Milton NicksD-143
87Chris RicheyD-150
88Scott BaltzD-166
89George McGillD-207

*Scores reflect votes applying Conduit’s Economic Freedom Filter: (1) Does it Grow/Shrink Government, (2) Does it Increase/Decrease Dependency on Government, and/or (3) Does it Spend/Save Money. Transparency bills are also considered.
  • Highest Ranking Senate Republican: Bryan King
  • Lowest Ranking Senate Republican: Lance Eads
  • Highest Ranking House Republican: Dan Sullivan
  • Lowest Ranking House Republican: Dan Douglas


  • Highest Ranking Senate Democrat: Larry Teague
  • Lowest Ranking Senate Democrat: Uvalde Lindsey
  • Highest Ranking House Democrat: Vivian Flowers
  • Lowest Ranking House Democrat: George McGill

For the complete CFC Scorecard including the full rankings and all bills that were scored, click HERE.

These votes show that while some politicians run as “conservative” or “limited government” candidates, their actual voting records say otherwise.


For an explanation on the scoring methodology for the scorecard see this interview from the Paul Harrell Program: