Asa’s Nightmare? Trump Voters Showing Up At Primary

Did you vote for Donald TrumpHillary thought you were “deplorables”. You know what? Establishment Republicans thought you were deplorables too.

In the 2016 Arkansas Republican primary, Donald Trump got the most votes among the thirteen candidates; and when you combine his votes with those for the other anti-establishment candidate, Ted Cruz, over 63% of Arkansas Republicans voted for a anti-establishment Republican candidate in the primary. Then Donald Trump won the presidency, and in Arkansas he received 60.6% of the vote.

Yet, Arkansas politicians like Governor Asa Hutchinson have acted like the Donald Trump vote was a fluke and had no message from the people.

  • While President Trump was passing tax cuts, Governor Hutchinson was busy playing a shell game of lowering some taxes and raising others.
  • While President Trump was threatening to end funding for sanctuary cities, Asa was opposing Arkansas legislation to prohibit sanctuary policies from being adopted at Arkansas college campuses, saying: “We don’t want to create a climate of fear for them.[i]
  • While President Trump was trying to get congress to end Obamacare, Asa was criticizing the President’s ideas and trying to protect his Arkansas Works (Obamacare Medicaid Expansion).[ii]
  • While President Trump was trying to drain the swamp, Asa was awarding a contract to a higher bidder by$20 million[iii], using discretionary funds to give to nongovernmental entities[iv] and sending economic incentives to businesses in communist China[v], and in the face of public corruption cases Asa had no ethics plan and didn’t lift a finger to support ethics legislation proposed by either Senator Linda Collins-Smith (SB726) or Senator Bryan King (SB175).

Asa is betting his primary election on the Trump voters not showing up to vote in the Republican Primary and if they do, not knowing his progressive establishment record. The Republican Primary is May 22 and early voting starts May 7.

In the Republican primary your choices are:

Jan Morgan or Governor Hutchinson.

Jan Morgan is an Arkansas business owner and an award-winning veteran investigative television journalist. You may have seen her as a regular on Fox Business News. She describes herself as “a constitutional conservative who believes in smaller, transparent, Constitutional government that puts more money and freedom back in the hands of the people.”

In 2016, Jan Morgan was National Spokesperson for Citizens for Trump and was helping elect Donald Trump. Meanwhile in 2016, Governor Asa Hutchinson was saying, “It is up to Arkansas to stop the Donald Trump show. The next generation of conservatives cannot allow Donald Trump to take everything we stand for and throw it away.” Also in 2016, Hillary Clinton was in a room full of Democrats in Arkansas, bragging on Governor’s Asa Hutchinson continued support for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion. (See video)


If you were a Donald Trump voter, will you be voting in the Republican Primary on May 22? If so, what will be your message?

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