Do your Republican officeholders follow the Republican Platform?

We want to give you the tools to know whether your elected officials ignore or follow their party’s platform and principles.

Are you frustrated with Republicans who spend their time growing government, passing taxes, and supporting the values of progressives?

There is a battle in the Republican party between those who believe in Republican principles and those Republicans who ignore them and instead promote big government and liberal values. It is hard to miss the battle at either the federal or state level. At the federal level there is Senator John McCain and at the state level there is Governor Asa Hutchinson.  For example, our Governor supported an Internet Sales Tax which is expressly rejected by the national platform.

Marjorie Greenberg recently submitted an op-ed to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. (Greenberg is a former senior advisor to Governor Asa Hutchinson and currently is the director of the Arkansas Health Care Association which is essentially the nursing home industry.) In the op-ed, Greenberg referred to Conduit for Commerce as a “right-wing pressure group.” Funny thing about that ……. although not Republican organizations, the playbook for Conduit For Commerce and Conduit For Action is essentially the Republican principles and platform concerning limited government, personal responsibility, taxes, and economic freedom.

This is not to single out Greenberg, who is not even an elected official. The point is: This is the same way the establishment views you if you dare follow Republican principles.  Think about it … Republicans who think you are a right-winger if you value the platform and principles of their own party.

You may be thinking – shouldn’t Republicans who do not like Republican principles, either find a party that fits them or at least be honest and try to change the Republican Platform so that it matches their Democrat-lite actions? That won’t happen because they like to hide behind the Republican label while ignoring Republican principles.

If you are a Republican officeholder or candidate, have you read the Republican principles and platform?

If you are a member of a Republican County Committee, have you read the documents, has your committee ever hosted discussion on the platform, does your committee give candidates a copy of the principles and platform?

If you are a Republican voter, has anyone ever showed you how to find a copy of the Republican principles and platform on the internet so you can search them and see how your Republican politicians are doing?

Conduit For Action wants to provide you with convenient links to help you judge how the actions of your Republican politicians compare to the principles and platform. We are including links to the party platforms Republican Party and other political parties.  We also include information on how your state legislator voted in 2017.



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And, now you know…… and knowing is half the battle.[i]


[i] Tag line from the cartoon GI Joe