The Principles of the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) substantially changed in 2016. Conduit for Action alerted out to our readers in a recent article.

One of the disappointing changes was the deletion of the principle of “Individual freedom and liberty secured by a limited government”.  In fact, the words “limited government” no longer appear anywhere in the state Republican platform.

Another deletion was the principle of “Individual responsibility and initiative,” but as a minor consolation at least the words are still used in the preamble to the platform. (See CFA article)

Both these principles were embraced by the Republican Party of Arkansas…. until after the election of Governor Asa Hutchinson (R), whose actions clearly embrace a tax and spend philosophy to grow government.

Despite removing the principles, the Republican Party of Arkansas’ fund-raising arm still prominently advertises the RPA as the party of “individual responsibility and limited government”. Below is the fund-raising plea that always appears at the end of the publication “Exclusive Weekly Brief from the RPA”:

Republican Party of Arkansas

A Call to Action

We are an organization committed to individual responsibility and limited government. Without your effort and support, Arkansas would not be where it is today. Please consider making a contribution to the RPA to keep our shared mission moving forward! (emphasis added)

What do you think?  Did the RPA:

  1. Accidentally miss deleting the words “limited government” to conform to the Hutchinson friendly 2016 RPA platform? Or,
  2. Did they intentionally leave it in to get donations from Republicans who still believe the Republican Establishment embraces “limited government”?

CFA stands with the few Republican officeholders who still hold individual responsibility and limited government as important principles, and who are willing to stand up against Governor Asa Hutchinson’s big government agenda.

Donate to the RPA if you wish, but if you want to support the principles of limited government and individual responsibility please consider donating to individual candidates who reject Governor Asa Hutchinson’s big government tax and spend policies. (To learn which legislators oppose government growth read the Conduit for Commerce article 2017 Ranking of the 91st General AssemblyYou may also want to read the Conduit for Action report on actual votes in How Did My Arkansas Legislator Vote?)

If you want to donate to an organization that still works hard to promote the principles of limited government and personal responsibility in Arkansas, please consider donating to Conduit For Action. Support our cause HERE.